Oversized in Summer

Oversized in Summer

I am going to tell you exactly why I bloody hate Summer and any warm weather in general. Now that Christmas is over, yes – I am still in mourning, and February is nearly coming to an end, I would be lying if I wasn’t worrying about what the fuck I was going to wear when Summer arrives. Now, I can deal with Spring time. Spring still involves light layers and I like layers. Layers hide my sins aka my fat ass. Before you think I am going to be slagging off my body in this post, I would just like to tell you that I am not… well maybe a little – but know it is coming from a humorous view rather than self hate. Now I am 1000000% a believer that EVERYONE should feel comfortable in their own skin and body. This is my way of working up to that point…so prepare for a heart to heart/rant to myself. You have been warned.

Let’s start at the beginning…

I was born in Edinburgh on the 20th – too far back at the beginning right? Let’s fast forward. *Revving of an engine as it flies away.* Okay, lets start at the beginning of this madness. For as long as I can remember I have NEVER been comfortable or confident with what I would wear in the warm weather –that Scotland rarely gets. Every year I would worry about how I looked as my skin and body became more on show because it was too hot to wear anything I would usually feel comfortable in. It was especially bad during my teen years, I mean the pressure is on enough being in high school but to deal with, what I call, warm weather worries, it almost put me over the edge.

I have always been fashion conscious and I love expressing myself through fashion. In Autumn/Winter, I find it very easy to find things that I think suit my body type and things that make me feel confident. In Summer, it is a constant battle to try and keep expressing myself AND feel comfortable but I feel I always look like a drowned rat. In A/W, I wear long oversized coats and oversized jumpers and I feel great. So why can’t I feel great in Summer?

The Warm Weather Worries List

That’s right. There’s a list. When Summer is approaching and the shops start to get their S/S clothes, I instantly have warning bells go off in my head worrying about what the hell I am going to wear?! Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of bigger problems in this world, but this worry runs deep for me. These worries I have link to my low self-confidence with my skin and body type. Obviously in Summer, the weather is hot- which means to keep cool, I wear less layers resulting in more of my body being shown. There are a number of things I worry about:

  • Chaffing. Everyone that worries and experiences this put yo’ hands up! Basically, let’s just say skirts are NEVER an option for me.
  • Sweat. I’ve just decided that my skin really hates warm weather. I like to feel fresh and clean but in Summer, it’s a lot harder to keep that up when you sweat within 5 minutes of being outside.
  • Skin burning. I am a proud Scot who has NEVER had a natural tan. I always burn and my skin is already not the best.
  • Skin on show. I have a lot of different tones on my skin, along with acne scars and red skin that I would rather not have on show. It takes a lot of courage from me to show my skin as I do find it extremely difficult. I find it odd showing my shoulders, upper arms and back as I never do.
  • My Lumps and Bumps. My lumps and bumps don’t look right in any Summer clothing, especially in the ones I wish I could wear. I lose my sense of style because I’m too busy trying to dress for my body type rather than my own personal style, and that really pisses me off. Buying clothes is awful for me in Summer as I never find things that fit me right and makes me feel like I am myself.

My Ideal Style for Summer

Now I know what I would want to wear in Summer and I know people will say you can wear it if you really want too but when you feel insecure in most Summer clothing, it can be very difficult. But hey, a girl can dream right now right? So I thought I would include a few planned outfits I would wear this Summer, if I felt confident enough:



Even though all of these things are small for some people, they really do give me the fear every year. One Summer, it will be my goal to feel comfortable and confident and I admire ANYONE who is comfortable and confident with their body, no matter what size. All I ask in this post is if you have any advice on wearing summer clothes or if you feel the same way as me and just need a rant, please get in touch.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon.

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  1. Gilly
    February 22, 2018 / 11:01 am

    Never really enjoyed summer clothing all that much myself, for various different reasons. Mainly because of work. I always felt I was in my work gear or my jammies! In addition to this budget for buying nice summer outfits and accessories has always been on the back burner. Like you say chafing and fair skin are always a irritant in summer. Living in Scotland I never really feel that there’s a lot of “summer clothing” that caters for our climate – it’s nice to look summery but when you’re freezing your but off in a little strappy dress it’s not so much! In the past body confidence is something I have struggled with a lot also and I often feel that summer has this inherent ability to somehow make you feel very exposed even when you are not.
    In the end what sometimes helps me is focusing on at least 3 parts of me that I like the most. For example my eyes, my brows and (not meaning to sound cocky ) my bum. I like affirming things about my personality and character as well. To me this is the most important thing, everything else fades in time who you are as a person and how you treat people doesn’t. It’s ok to give ourselves a break once in a while and practice some self love, something a lot of Scots are not that good at. Seems very little steps but every little helps.
    Love that you are able to open up and share your experience in a honest and heartfelt way! Just know you are very loved and a female boss! Hear for you anytime so proud of you! xx

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