The Bag I am Obsessed With

The Bag I am Obsessed With

So we all have that go to bag that we alway reach for. Whether it’s a dressy one or a casual one, I believe I have found one that can put right in the middle of those two categories. Although in my opinion, I like the more casual side to it. I am obsessed with backpack bags but they can’t be too little or too big. Otherwise, they just don’t look right on me. This results in me being very very picky when it comes to the bags I buy. Genuinely interested, do you have a bag you always reach for or do you swap between multiple bags?

My TK Max Find

We all know the truth about TKMax right? You go in looking for something, you’ll never find it. Go in for just a look, and you find everything you’ve ever wanted. I’m not trying to make out that finding this bag was like finding my one true love or anythingbut I met my one true love that day I strolled into one of my favourite shops, expecting it to be a normal day. BAM! It’s hanging there staring right at me saying sweet words like ‘Girrrrrl, will you just buy me?’ So I did. The End. Who wants to right the musical of my love story? Comment below.

In all seriousness, this bag was a bargain of £20. Talking about it being smart and casual, I thought I would show a couple outfits that I wear it with. I mean, it’s a black bag so I’m sure it will go with anything but hey, I wanted an excuse to do an OOTD okay? Let’s crack on shall we.

Find the bag from TKMax in some stores but here is one online that is similar.

similar bag from TKMax

‘I Belong in a City’ Look

Dress- H&M

Shoes – ASOS

Tights- Sainsbury’s

‘I Want Lunch’ Look

Shoes – ASOS

Trousers – Primark

Top – Matalan (not linkable online, but can find in stores.

Sleeveless Duster- Primark

Thank you for looking at my little OOTD’s. They were fun to make and I want to do more Fashion content as I try and figure out my style more but for now, enjoy awkward poses, candid laughs at myself and fashion attempts until I know what styles I like.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon.


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