New Year New Start

I know, I know, I know… there are already SO many posts about “New Year New Me” but I thought everyone has an individual voice so I thought I would say what I really want to work on this year. Let’s be straight here, I never really do resolutions (as I struggle to stick to them) and I always make the same ones, just like most people. Stick to a diet, lose weight, be healthy, figure out life etc etc… Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. The fault to my resolutions is that I never make realistic mini goals to go with them. So getting into the nitty gritty goals is something I want to work on.

Now can I just quickly mention that I am in total f**king shock that it is 2018. It makes me feel weird. I am turning 22 this year, and though to many this may be young (and it is), I feel like it is a reminder that I left school almost 4 years ago and then that reminds me that I feel like I have done nothing to help myself reach my end goal. Here’s where it gets interesting…I have no idea what career I am doing to have my end goal. If you’re like me and you see yourself being self-employed, working from home and earning a good income but you have no idea what job you are actually doing…welcome to the club. Again, I am hoping that the nitty gritty goals may be able to help me out with this. In the meantime, let’s look at some of the goals I want to look into this year that will hopefully leave me in 1. Better shape, 2. Better Health and 3. A better human being because at the end of the day, we should always strive to better ourselves.


Aaaaah food. My one true love. I cannot lie. Food is my up-most weakness. I just love food and need to realise that I will never stop loving food. However, I need to do myself the favour of eating healthier and making healthier choices. When I feel down or low, food is always my comfort and it has been for many many years. Whenever I feel insecure, unsure or unmotivated, I will always reach for food to make me feel better. This has led me to be very unhealthy and to be quite honest, it is a vicious circle that is so easy to get stuck in. Once I have pigged out on food, I feel even more unmotivated and the weight that I put on with it makes me feel even more insecure. So I figured it would be time to try my absolute hardest to break that cycle. Here are a list of little things I am doing personally to help break this cycle:

  • I am actively trying to drink a glass of water before each meal. Not only will this help me to feel fuller (even though I am secretly like what even is feeling full? Am I right?), it will also make me drink a lot more water resulting in me not feeling dehydrated which could be what makes me feel unmotivated.
  • Whenever I feel like a pig out, I am going to surround myself with healthy snacks. One thing I love to eat is chocolate and even though it is bad for you, I don’t think I can ever cut it out of my diet. So, when I feel tired and in the mood for chocolate, I am going to replace it with my Bevita chocolate chips biscuits. These biscuits always satisfy my need for chocolate and they release energy for 4 hours after you eat them. That beats the 15 minute energy boost you get from binge eating a lot of chocolate.
  • I’m also going to try really really hard to focus my energy for binge eating food into other things I love to do like blogging and social media. It is so important in my eyes, to find new ways to direct energy so I am hoping that blogging really helps with this.
  • Try new recipes. I have two new cook books (that I love), that I am trying just now as I will always love cooking meals. I find it very therapeutic. So I am hoping if I put energy into making good, healthy food, it will help overtake my unhealthy habit of binge eating.


Working out is something that I always dread. I have never enjoyed sports ever since I was in High School. However, I am completely aware that it is something I really need in my life. Especially if I want to look healthier. Working out could also help with how I feel unmotivated and tired by releasing the endorphin’s in my body.
My sister introduced me to a lovely Aussie who does vlog style videos and she lives a very healthy lifestyle. Her name is Sarah and her channel is Sarah’s Days. My sister mentioned that she had an E-Book where she recommends different work outs and techniques to help you become fitter. There have been some really good reviews on this E-Book and I am eager to give it a try. She includes a timetable for you to try and stick too. She also includes different work out ideas that actually look really fun. The E-Book looks visually really good too so if you would like to look more at it or even purchase it, definitely check it out.


Again, this is a resolution that I see a lot but one that is very individual to the blogger themselves. Working harder on my blog will mean a lot of things to me. Discussing my work out goals and eating better, I hope by doing these it will make my energy that I put into my blog a lot better. A few ways I want to better my blog are to:

  • stick to a schedule. I have decided I need discipline when it comes to my blog because at the end of the day, I love blogging and I believe I can make it something really important to me. However, I am still stuck in that cycle of feeling unmotivated and sorry for myself so to help break that, I am going to give myself a realistic time table for posts. I know I want to post twice a week every week but I haven’t worked out any days yet. Is there a specific day you read blogposts? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.
  • Write what I actually want to write. Something so simple, yet easily lost. There are so many talented bloggers out there and I love seeing everyone’s individual posts. However, it is so easy to lose your own voice or feel like your voice isn’t being heard. It is important to write what you want to write. Most of the time, I have no idea what I want to write about, but that’s okay. We don’t need to force a voice when there isn’t one. Take the pressure off yourself and write about what you enjoy.
  • I need to follow and interact with a lot more bloggers. I often wonder how people do it as I find myself never having time to read other blogs. I am going to try hard to find a new blogger every night and leave them a comment if I have time. It is so important to support each other, more important now than ever as we see some evil minded people coming into the internet. If you have a blog, please leave a comment or find me on my social media and let me know what your link is and I will check your blog out. In line with this, I want to do some shout outs more often of some bloggers and instagrammers I have been enjoying. I am thinking of doing this on my instagram as stories so please come along and follow if you would like to.



Okay, hear me out on this because I am fully aware that this is a very vague resolution. Each and everyone of us has sh*t we want to sort out whether it’s do to with jobs, family or just sorting out your wardrobe. The fact is, there is always going to be sh*t to deal with. However, one thing you can change is how you deal with your sh*t. (I have said shit so many times in this paragraph…oops I mean sh*t…) Even though I am fully aware that I may not get all my shit together by the end of 2018. I am looking to change the way I deal with it by using the old Sarah Knight books to help a girl out. So far, I only have her book called Get Your Shit Together. I have only read the Authors Note and I already feel a bit better. I love her whit and realness with her writing and ideas. There is just no bullsh*t when it comes to her and I love that. You can see all her books on her website.


Okay, I think this post is getting a little to long for my liking so I will leave it here today. I hope some of this helped someone but don’t forget that every day is a clean slate and it is never too late to make a change for better or to try something new. I am going to try really hard this year to turn myself around into a positive direction. Don’t worry, I will be honest with it all and keep you posted with my boring updates. If you’d like you can follow me on   Instagram and Twitter to keep updated on my every day craziness. Let me know if you have any similar resolutions and if you have any tips that we can share with each other.

Thank you for reading and I will see you all soon.


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