It’s Christmas time, everyone is happy, busy…and most are thinking about the booze! Not going to lie, I don’t drink a lot at all now but I couldn’t help but give an attempt to this festive classic. Mulled Wine and Mulled Cider has been a festive drink for a very very long time. One that I have never really tried. However, I loved this recipe for this festive drink so I have decided to share it in my Blogmas. 

I have to give a very special thank you to my friend Gillian for helping me with, not just this one, but many of my blogmas posts. Couldn’t do it without her. If you’d like to check Gillian out here Instagram is here! (Go tell her to start a blog!) 


  • Handful of cranberries 
  • Oranges 
  • Lemon 
  • Apple 
  • Bottle of Apple Cider
  • Ginger Ale 
  • Sugar 

The amounts you need is up to you depending on how much you would like to make. It is 2 of the Apple Cider to the 1 Ginger Ale. 
First of all, try and mash some of the cranberries so the juices are flowing. You can do this by putting them in a bag and using a mug or rolling pin to smoosh them. 

After that, place the cranberries in a pan and put on a low heat. Add a spoonful of sugar and keep stirring until they become caramelised.  Add in the slices of oranges and a squeeze of lemon. 

After the cranberry juice starts to boil, put on a low heat and add the Ginger Ale and Cider and slowly begin to warm through for about 15 to 25 minutes. After that, you can add more orange slices and apple slices.  

After that it is yours to enjoy. We placed ours in a bowl and served it with a ladle. I loved this and I also loved decorating it. Let me know if you try it this festive season. I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. 

Thank you and I will see you tomorrow. 

5 days to go…


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