Christmas Music 

Christmas Music 

So there are a lot of Christmas songs out there. Faaaaar to many to ever choose just one favourite. However, I always find myself going back to the same songs. I have a mixture of songs for different moods and I love them all. In fact, they always make me feel good. They are like little presents of joy that lasts roughly 3 mins… 

Surprisingly, All I Want For Christmas is You is not my favourite Christmas song. Even though to many, it is. If I had to choose one song it would be Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens. I just think this song is so happy and makes me want to sing it as loud as possible. Whenever I hear this song, it instantly puts me in the festive mood. Next in line would be Last Christmas Day by Wham! I don’t know ANYONE who can’t listen to this sin without singing it. It is a great song that just has all the feels. Who doesn’t like a bit of George Michael in their lives? Especially at Christmas? 

Even though there are many songs that just want to make you sing and dance like a crazy snowman, there are some amazing songs out there that just make you want to snuggle up by the fire with the twinkling lights. I’m talking White Christmas, Do You Hear What I Hear, Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, O Holy Night, Silent Night etc etc…There are so many to name. 

Christmas songs hold a very special place in my heart. I often find that if I am having a bad day, I will listen to Christmas music anytime of the year to make myself feel better. For me, I love the nostalgic feeling of it and the memories they bring back. The power of music at Christmas is so important. As Buddy says, ‘the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’ and you can definitely tell I take this seriously if you watch my vlogs. 

Next time you hear a Christmas song, remember the moment you hear it. Take a minute and use it to make yourself happy. Remind yourself of what you have and how amazing you are. Tell yourself you are talented and capable of doing anything.  Then put that memory to the song and use it every year to remind yourself of how great you are. 

The power of Christmas music is real. It’s all about the magic. Thank you for reading and if you have a fave song, let me know. 

Thank you, and I will see you tomorrow. 

13 days to go…


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