My Go-To Christmas Make Up Products 

My Go-To Christmas Make Up Products 

So a classic red lip is something everyone admires through the festive season. I especially love a red lip all year round but for some reason, having a rep lip on during Christmas just makes me feel extra festive. Today, I’m going to talk through some of my makes up faves for my everyday look. This is probably not going to be a tutorial cause obviously I ain’t no make up guru! However, I am going to talk through some of the products I am loving and that I use to make this classic look. 

Make way for the cringy selfies… 

The base of a make up look is very important. I always find myself reaching for the same products over and over again because I know they work. For me, I prefer to use a foundation that leaves a glow on my skin such as a dewy look. However, in this look I used my Laura Mercier Matte Foundation. I find this foundation really gives a flawless look. However, you do need to work extremely quick with it as it matters very quickly. I think I should try another foundation from Laura Mercier as I do think the foundation is brilliant, but I may swap from a matte one to a dewy finish one. I blend my foundation and concealer with a beauty blender by dabbing. 

Concealer is the one product I always keep the same. I’ve used Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up concealer for years and nothing can take me away from it. I just think it ticks all my boxes and it always seems to last for ages. 

Another Laura Mercier product I use and that I actually really love is the setting powder. I just think this powder is a quality product. It feels so soft on the skin and I love it. I couldn’t go back to other brands for setting powders after using this one. This one also has no flash back for camera and that is a bonus on its own. 

I use this Bare Minerals Trio pallet for my blusher just to give my cheeks a little colour. I never used to wear blusher but now I have noticed that it can make such a big difference. 

For highlighter, I use this Nars one which my sister bought me for a present. I love the colour of this highlighter. It has such an impact in the classiest way. It is definitely buildable. 


The NYX Pallets are amazing. They are super pigmented and very easy to blend. I use two of them to make my look.  I use one which is matte and another which is shimmery. 

I place the no1 colour through my crease and under my eye and I blend well. Afterwards, I put the no2 colour in the same places to intensify the warm smokiness. 

I then place the no1 colour on my outer lid corner using my finger as I find that using my fingers makes the pigment stand out a lot more than using a brush. After, I dap the no2 colour on my inner lid and inner corner blending the two shades of gold together in the middle.  

I have used quite a few products on my eyebrows. I love doing my eyebrows. I feel that they complete a look extremely well. I use a Mac Eye liner brush and my DIY Soap and Glory brow kit. I find the colour to be spot on as I like to have a dark ashy colour on my brows as I naturally have ashy brown roots in my hair. 


A red lip is classic at Christmas but I always find myself reaching for my Rimmel London Red Lip. I would really love a matte liquid lip stick to try as I usually love my matte lips. However, this is the only true red colour I own which is why I use it. I do find that, for a lip stick, it does tend to matte a little bit which is good enough for me. I use a lip brush to apply this lipstick as I find that just smearing the lipstick on my lips makes it bleed and it also means I put waaaaaay to much on. 
I hope you have enjoyed this little post and if you can recommend any products please do by leaving a comment. I would love to know if you can recommend a matte rep lip for me. 

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow. 

14 days to go… 


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