Top 5 Christmas Films

Top 5 Christmas Films

Time to Feel Cosy

A Christmas night in is all that you need,

Time to watch a movie or find a Christmas book to read.

Time to feel cosy with blankets and fairy lights.

Time to feel content on these cold winter nights.

Grab a hot chocolate and you will soon see,

How happy a Christmas night in can truly be.

I can not believe I gave myself the task of choosing only 5 Christmas films to rate. Someone help me! This is way to hard. However, I do always have my favourites that I always reach for. I also want to know if you recommend any films that aren’t on my top 5. Let me know what ones you would rate as your fave as I am a nosey sod like that. Anyway…

5. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

Okay, so this movie is one that you have either seen or you haven’t, but it ALWAYS makes me feel so nostalgic when I see it. If you recognise this movie, then I bet you feel the nostalgic feels, right? If you haven’t seen this movie… then I suggest you watch it just because, in my eyes, it’s an old classic. It may not be the best, but it definitely deserves a place in my top 5.

4. Elf

Ahhh, the old classic of Buddy the Elf and his travels to find his family and spread Christmas cheer. Now I LOVE this movie but weirdly, it isn’t my go-to film to watch. I think it is a brilliant film that is suited for the whole family but I have a few other favourites I would watch first…


3. White Christmas

White Christmas is one of the most festive, brilliant films I have ever came across. It never fails to bring a tear to my eye. The movie always gives me a nostalgic feeling and I feel that everyone should see this movie just to feel that Christmas magic. It is so magical when everyone joins the chorus to the song ‘White Christmas’ at the end. It is a movie that really brings people together.


2. Arthur Christmas

When this film came out, I was incredibly eager to see it. The look it reminds me a great but adult relatable film for children. The humour and story line of this film is fantastic and I love it. It is a heart warming film that sparks the true meaning of Christmas.


1. Polar Express

This film is my absolute favourite. All I have to hear is the opening song and I am in tears. It is so magical to see a story of a young boy find his way to believing in Santa. Tom Hanks in brilliant in this movie. Plus, the story of the young boy who hasn’t had a Christmas and he finally gets a present and friends is just amazing. I will always have a special place in my heart for this movie.


Thank you for coming along to check out my Top 5 Christmas films. I bet you have seen them all and if not, you really need to fix that.

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow.

15 days to go…


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