My Christmas Trees

My Christmas Trees

A Lonely Tree

A lonely tree sits.

All on his own.

Wondering if he will ever,

Find a new home.

He has no friends,

Only the stars.

That shine down on him,

Forever near and far.

Sometimes he wonders,

What on earth he will be?

But an Angel came down,

And said ‘A Christmas Tree.

One day you will make,

A lot of people bright.

As you will be decorated,

With baubles and lights.

Just you wait my friend,

Just you wait and see,

A lonely tree no more,

A Christmas Tree you will be.


I don’t know about you but putting up the Christmas tree is one of my favourite things to do. It is a prized activity that brings the whole family together and that makes it magical. You know what else makes it magical? All the fairy lights! I love fairy lights! I put them everywhere!

My First Proper Tree 

What’s on my tree: 

Next Multipack Copper Tone (similar to ones I have) 

Next Copper Baubles  (sold out) 

Copper Star Baulbles are from a local garden centre 

Our Family Christmas Tree

What’s on my Tree: 

White Company- 

Little bells

‘Love’ Ornament 


Glitter Ombré Bauble

Garden Center-

Big Bell Ornaments 


Little Love Hearts 

‘Joy’ bauble 

‘Wish’ Bauble 

Wooden Ornaments 
Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you liked this little post. I hope you have decorated! And if you haven’t… GET THAT SORTED! 

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow… 

17 days to go…. 


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