Christmas Jumper Wishlist

Christmas Jumper Wishlist


We shop till we drop.

We have a little fun.

The shops are so busy,

Christmas has begun.

We look and look,

To find the right thing,

Whilst we hear Christmas songs,

We just want to sing.

Everyone shops,

They’ve had lots of fun,

But they are relieved,

The Christmas Shopping is done.


We all know what is traditional around Christmas and one of the traditional things that everyone loves are Christmas Jumpers! Now I am obsessed with Christmas but I am very disappointed that I only own one Christmas jumper… I know…one! And it isn’t even one that I like! Looking around the shops I see a lot of Christmas Jumpers that I do like and maybe…just maybe…I will treat myself to one. If you are like me and you lack in Christmas Jumpers…do not fret! I have a post that will show you all the Christmas Jumpers I love! Ready, Set….GO!


ASOS Christmas Jumpers




Monki Christmas Jumpers




Next Christmas Jumpers


I hope you found some that you might like. I love all these jumpers! They make me feel so festive! I know there are hundreds of Christmas Jumpers out there so there will be a lot more to look at. However, I thought I would share the ones I liked from the places I shop most frequently. Let me know what Christmas jumpers are you’re favourite!

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow!

18 days to go…


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