The Colour Red

The Colour Red

Red Means Happiness

Red mines warmth, 

Red means love, 

Red warms the heart, 

With love from above. 

Red means my gran, 

That’s all that she wears. 

Red means happiness, 

Where everyone cares. 

Red means my lipstick, 

Red means my hat, 

Red means happiness, 

And it does just that. 

This is a little post where I’m just going include details about my favourite accessories that are red this Christmas. Yes, it’s the ones what keep appearing on my instagram and I am not even sorry. I love my hat and scarf as they make my feel so festive. Go on, I know you have some favourites too! Please let me know what they are! 

Both of the items I am going to share are from Primark and I love them. They make me feel so happy and festive. The red Pom Pom Christmas pudding hat is £4 and is currently AVAILABLE in Primark. My scarf is also from Primark but sadly is now not available.  However, I am sure they will be selling tartan scarves somewhere. 

As you can see, I am very much in my element when I wear the colour red. Red scarf, red hat, red jumper… the obsession with red at this time of year will never end. My lipstick is a Revolution matte lipstick and I love it. For the price being so cheap, you would expect this to bleed around your mouth but it stays put the whole day. It is a must have colour for me. Everyone knows that a red lip can go a long way as it is a very timeless look. 

Even though this post is short and sweet, I had to share it. I love wearing these pieces. Red will always make me think of Christmas and it makes me so happy that I am not alone in this. Not going to lie, I would dress up as a tree to express my love for Christmas so this bobble hat doesn’t bother me at all. 

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow. 

19 days to go…


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