Happy Halloween! 

Happy Halloween! 





Did I scare you?? No? Oh well. I will try again next year. Happy Halloween lovely people! I hope everyone is having a safe and successful Halloween! Right now I have sweets at the ready for any Trick or Treaters coming to the door and I thought, this is the best time to write my blog post. I will 100% be proud of myself if I succeed with BLOGMAS btw because right now, I am so last minute with all my posts. Oh well! 

What I did to celebrate Halloween? Well, like all things I celebrate, I started early. I invited my friend Gillian over to carve some pumpkins. (Hers is the one in all the photos as mines was sh*t but hey ho.) Even though to some, this sounds like a proper Halloween themed night. It wouldn’t be me without doing something Christmassy as well. We listened to a few Crimbo songs and looked at some shops for Christmas inspiration. Don’t worry, after a while I looked at spotify for a haunting playlist. Thriller was played and I loved it! 

Along with carving pumpkins, we had some help to make the most of the fun by watching Gavin and Stacey, drinking prosecco and making a curry! All things you need for a fun night right? 

So where the heck did I get all my Autumnal photos on my instagram? Well, I have to give a big thank you to Gillian for those as she helped me take loads of photos! We went on an Autumnal walk to a place called Bowment Forest where I stopped every second to take photos.  I have no regrets. 

The forest was so peaceful. It offered so many opportunities to make the most of the beautiful setting. I loved all the autumnal leaves and rich greens. Let’s not forget the mud. Not going to lie, I kind of loved it. 

We ended being out in the woods for almost 2 hours. We had the best time breathing in the fresh air and laughing at our funny photos. To top it all off, the place was so busy with doggies! Big ones, small ones, any kind! There was one that can went up to Gillian and pounced on her putting muck on her legs, it was so funny! Not only did the dog do it once, but twice! 

Get ready for photo overload! 

This post may seem a bit scatty, but I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christ…. oh crap, still too early? Damn it Steven. Anyway, Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night! …still too much? 


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