My Tartan Scarf 

My Tartan Scarf 

So I am currently sitting on train back home tonight and I totally forgot my head phones and we all know how gutting that is. Instead of listening to music, I thought I could write a little blog post seeing I haven’t uploaded one this week. Basically, I was sat here thinking of what to blog about as I am having a stump on what to write about at the minute. Then I looked down, and saw my tartan scarf. I began to think about how long I have had this scarf and what memories I have shared with it. Yes, I am sooo soppy with these sort of things, so be prepared. 

This tartan scarf always appears in Autumn Winter ever since I got it. I can’t even remember when I got it… it has definitely been a good few years, so as you can imagine, I have grown quite attached to it. We all know the film, Confessions of a Shopaholic and the symbolism of the beloved green scarf. To me, my tartan scarf is the green scarf.  

I make out this scarf to be very special, and to me it is. But I have to admit, it is from Primark. Yes, it has lasted this long! And I am pretty sure, a lot of people will also own this scarf. But it is only fitting that my favourite scarf, comes out at my favourite time of year… 

We all know how much I love Christmas. And what else comes with Christmas? The cold weather. This weather is my favourite. I love layers and wrapping up warm ready to face the day. This is one of the reasons this scarf is basically the only scarf I wear. I trust it to keep me warm and for it to look Christmassy.  I think that’s why I love it so much. The tartan to me just makes me feel so into Christmas. The red, green and blue. Aah, I love it! Obviously when I wear this scarf, I feel the Christmas mood just hit me and when I feel the Christmas mood, I get happy teary. The scarf reminds me of a time of magic and love. It reminds me to give back to the people I love. And honestly, that’s my favourite thing about Christmas. 

The memories I have with this scarf and what it means to me stretches more than just Christmas. Just recently, I’ve made a lot more memories with it. Like taking pictures of pumpkins in the woods with my friend Gillian. To going out for lunch with my friend Kirsty.  

Not only does this scarf make me feel Autumnal but it also looks very Autumnal. So it’s a win win situation. I feel the colours just brighten up any situation, but it makes me feel cosy at the same time. Basically, my scarf gives me serious hygge. And I love it. 

Not only does this scarf look autumnal, but it makes my instagram look autumnal too. Yes I have basically featured it in more or less every photo. I have no regrets. 

My instagram ❤️

This blog post may seem crazy to a lot of people but if you have any item of clothing that is like the the green scarf please let me know as I would like to know that I am not crazy. Also, I hope you are prepared for a lot more photos featuring this scarf and every time you see it, know I’m thinking of Christmas. 

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon. 


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