My Build up to the Best Time of Year

My Build up to the Best Time of Year

So I know a lot of people who love this time of year- most of all the people I follow online love it at least. There’s just something about the last few months of the year that brings a certain happiness to us all. Well, it does for me at least. I have said on countless occasions about how much I love this time of year, but I thought I would go into details of telling you why and how I typically spend my time in the months I love.


It all starts in July for me. And I know what you’re thinking… Emma, that’s still Summer girl, what you talking about? But July is usually when I start listening to… wait for it… CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I love Christmas, and I will soon tell you why I love it so much. But for now, I feel like July is my ‘say bye bye’ month to Summer as August is approaching. The only way I can really express my love for Christmas as this time is watching Christmas films and listening to Christmas songs, so that is why I do so. Proudly.


Honestly, I think I unconsciously consider August to be an Autumn month just because of the pure fact that the words both begin with ‘Au’. I know I’m crazy, but don’t lie, you probably do it too. It is this month that I focus on getting my decor right in my room with oranges and reds and all things cosy.


Now we are talking. This is the month where Autumn officially begins! Steven, grab my hats! But September is an important month as the cooler days slowly introduce themselves back into my life in this month. I love waking up to the cold. Makes me feel fresh. It is also the month where the leaves start to change colours and fall (pun intended) gracefully to the ground. This means that the trees are are dropping leaves, seeds, acorns and other things to make us feel very Autumnal.


We’re getting there. But before there is Christmas, there is Halloween. Which means it’s time to look out the few Halloween things I still own and decorate. Even though my head is still fully focused on Christmas. I like to give a little bit of a Halloween feel in October.

This is also the month I actually start buying new Christmas decorations. Right now, I already have a tree and new baubles to put on. Even though I don’t buy these new things every year, I always like to plan how I want to decorate quite early on. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been thinking of my preferred colour schemes since last Christmas.


It’s starting to actually feel cold now and I’m starting to properly buy Christmas presents. In the previous months, if I’d see something, I’d buy it. But now I am on the hunt and planning presents in November. Also in November, it’s getting cooler and cooler and it’s time for me to start dressing for the occasion. Time for boots, jumpers and scarfs- my fave!

I’m planning on doing a full outfit post for this look later this week. So keep your eyes peeled. Like I said, I love boots, jumpers and scarfs but I also love big coats. So you can tell why I loved this outfit.

There’s also the cosy food. Like my chicken and Leek pie by Joe Wicks. So tasty!

How can I forget that the Edinburgh Christmas Markets open at the end of November? Christmas is usually in full swing at this point for me and I love it. Let’s go to December to find out why…


It begins. I walk down stairs every morning to open my chocolate advent calendar. I see all my decorations and I switch on all the fairy lights. The lights twinkle and I feel a warm, familiar excitement. Everyday in December is a gift to me. The build up to Christmas is my favourite of all. The cosy nights, the songs, the shopping, the food, the markets, the happy people. The one word that comes to mind about Christmas and how I feel is magic. Magic of believing in goodness and giving. I love giving presents at Christmas. I love making people smile. I love that I can rely on one month to be filled with joy. The Magic of Christmas brings back the child in all of us. To believe in something more than what we have. To believe in something more than what we are. It is to believe in the power of mankind and to believe in that because of the 25th of December, we can have a day full of joy and love. That is why I love Christmas.

So with Christmas in mind, right a post and comment it below telling me how you spend the last months of the year. I would love to know. And I thank you for reading this post, it means a lot that you have visited!

See you soon.

P.s Santa is still watching.



  1. October 10, 2017 / 4:16 am

    Great post, I also adore this time of year, I usually hold off until the beginning of November. I enjoy Autumn, it’s a great time to be outdoors admiring all the colours.
    Look forward to more of your Christmas posts.
    I will be trying that chicken and leek pie recipe
    Marlene x

    • October 28, 2017 / 6:49 pm

      Hi Marlene! Thanks so much for the comment and I am sorry for being late getting back you!! I hope you love the pie! xox

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