My Best Friends Wedding 

My Best Friends Wedding 

I was so lucky and honoured to be apart of my friends, Sarah and Vals, wedding. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. Occasionally, in the morning, we would hear a pitter patter of rain but that was all through out the day. We were so lucky with the weather. 

The day started early and full of excitement. My sister and I were bridesmaids so we were up and ready to go for 8. I was so excited for the day, I still can’t believe it’s happened! When we got to Sarah’s house to start getting ready, my sister and I worked on the Table Places Board which I really enjoyed. It ended up looking like this. 

The morning went super quick. A lot quicker than I thought. I was first to get my hair done by our wonderful hair dresser, Stacey. She did a wonderful job. In between of the others getting their hair done, I was working on people’s make up. The table was full of make up pieces- classic girl clutter. 

The whole morning was super chill. We talked, laughed, got ready and then BAM! We had to get our dresses on so quick in order for photos. I remember laughing so much helping Lauren put on her dress. It was twisting the wrong way and it looked so funny. 

When it came to the moment of getting Sarah’s dress on. I honestly felt like an emotional wreck. I wanted to cry and I kept having to look away to compose myself. She was a beautiful bride. I was so emotional because I was overwhelmed by how proud of her I was and how real it all suddenly became that one of my friends had found true love. I shed a couple of tears, I’m not going to lie. 

After we were all in our dresses, it was time for Lauren, Lesley (mother of the bride) and I to head up the Church where Sarah would be getting married to Val. The church was small and cosy and very country-esk. Flowers decorated the room showing small accents of Sarah and Val. I wasn’t nervous at all to walk down the aisle but I was excited to see my family and friends inside. 

The sun shined to much on to the church, but Sarah and Val were the ones who lit the place up when Sarah walked down the aisle. The ceremony was fun, beautiful and loving. Even if the minister said the best mans name at the end instead of Vals- hahaha! It made us all laugh.  I remember holding Sarah’s bouquet of flowers and my hands shook so much with the weight of hers and mine in hand. I also remember Lauren singing right in my ear causing us to laugh whilst singing a hymn. 

When we parted the church, we made our way up the marquee where a ceillidh band and DJ were playing. At the marquee, we had a choice of curries and desserts to eat. Obviously the drink was flowing and everyone was having a great time. 

Before dinner, we had another photo shoot with multiple people and once again, we were so lucky with the weather. 

One thing I remember clearly about the day is how relaxed and comfortable it all was. It was such a super day and I congratulate Sarah and Val once again on their marriage and for having and preparing a wonderful day. I loved every moment of it. 

If you would like a blog post about Advice for being a bridesmaid, let me know. For now, I thank you so much for reading this. 

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