August Favourites

Okay, so I am a bit late to the game with my August Favourites, but there are a lot of things I just have to share as I am so impressed by them all. First of all, let us all thank our lucky stars that Autumn Winter is just around the corner! I love Autumn Winter! It is my time of year to shine and I suspect a lot of people feel the same. So get ready for the content to change into cosy, loving, hygge feeling blog posts! Now go grab that hot chocolate and have a little read into my favourites…


I have a quite a lot of beauty bits in my favourites this month, a few I have mentioned in other posts, but this is strange for me as I don’t really venture into any new beauty products so when I started liking all these things I was a bit like… woah nelly!

The first thing I really started to like was a new body wash. This body wash is the best one I have ever came across for me! It comes out the bottle like a foam and you rub it in your hands to make soft luxurious bubbles. Depending on where you buy this, it can retail from £1.50 to £3. I haven’t tried any other scents of this body wash but I love this one of shea butter and orange blossom, literally lasts all day!
You can grab this body wash here from Superdrug.


This product has been a favourite of mine for around 3 months so I had to include it in this post. I have been using it non-stop, day and night for the whole 3 months and I don’t know what I would do without it! The Nivea cream is so simple but totally effective. It makes my skin feel soft and it gets rid of the tight feeling so well. What’s best about the product is that all you need is a little bit and it can go a long way!


This is a new product in my life and I can honestly say, it is completely worth the hype in my eyes. This mask leaves my skin looking in the best condition (my dad once asked me if I had foundation on after using this mask because it made my skin look so much better.) It is so easy to use and I love it!


I don’t know how I lived without this product for my hair as long as I did. Argan Oil has great reviews and I have to say, I agree with them. This hair mask and conditioner saves my hair when it needs a little lift. I found this in TKMax of all places and it was on sale for £8.


This matte liquid lipstick will always be a favourite of mine. I love the colour, the consistency and the packaging. I better stock up so I never run out! I wear it every time I need a nude colour (which is almost every day) and it’s like it’s never going to run out.



If you haven’t been keeping up with my social media at all, you won’t know the jacket I have been wearing non-stop this month. I can’t believe I went so long not rocking this style! I am addicted I tell you, ADDICTED! This ASOS Denim Jacket is everything I want in life. Modern with an 80’s touch. LOVE IT!
This jacket was £40 and totally worth the money with its quality.



So naturally, like everyone, I love music and if you don’t…what is wrong with you? Music is a very individual thing and I usually love a bit of everything. This month I have a loved two certain types of music and I am not ashamed!
The first is just all types of 80’s music. I always love 80’s music but in the month of August I have found myself listening to it just a little bit more than usual. I am talking Madonna, Michael Jackson, ACDC… all the cheesy hits you can think of!

If things couldn’t get even more cheesy… I have been LOVING getting back into my Christmas tunes! SO HEAR IT IS, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I freaking love Christmas so much! My favourite is Merry Xmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens. I love all things Buble and all things George Michael. I just really like Christmas music guys. I have really started to get into the Christmas spirit constantly watching shops waiting for the Xmas collections to start properly coming out!

Thank you for reading my August Favourites and if you have any faves you want to share! Please do so down below. It would also mean a lot if you subscribed to my blog! I will definitely follow back.
Thanks and I will see you soon.


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