Smithware’s Wants: Uncommongoods [AD]

Okay, okay…. so we all know how I love to write blog posts about online shopping right? Well I have had the best opportunity to work with Uncommongoods on picking out some of my fave items from their site. We all know I love shopping so this sounded perfect for me!
I spent a long while going through their site to see what I would love, especially through their home section, and I can honestly say there is something there for everyone- your Mum, your Dad, your Granny, your Granny’s Uncle… literally anyone! (And obviously, yourself.)

Let’s imagine this… you’ve just moved into your new home, and you are sitting in the living room staring at all the empty spaces on your furniture and walls thinking, ‘I really need to decorate!’
You want to make your living room quite simple with a mixture of woods and neutral colours with soft candles burning in the background…here are some of the fave things I would get from Uncommongoods to make this happen!

Touch of Wood

Kero Modern Table Lamp

Personalized Maple Wall Clock

One of the things I love about Uncommongoods is how you get the opportunity to learn more about the creators of each item. For example, this lovely lamp is made by Gary Bodkar.

This wall clock is something I love so much. It can be personalised!!
(I know!) I love the mix of warm or cool woods in rooms and these items can really work together. There are so many more decorations for the home that I can list all day, but I need to move on to my next theme, right?

Candles to give you Hygge

Maple Leaf Tealight Trough

If this candle holder doesn’t give you feels I don’t know what will. We all know how much I love Autumn Winter so this candle is right up my street. The thing with this candle holder is that the colours of Autumn also shine through, which I love. Here are some other candles I loved:

Long Winters Nap Candle

Hurricane Candle Holders


Okay, you’ve got all your nice decorations now in your new house but all of a sudden you remember it’s your Dads birthday soon and you have been so caught up with the move, you’ve forgotten to get anything! (It’s okay…we all do it.) Your Dad is also a bit quirky, so you want a little sum’in sum’in unique for him. So I’m going to suggest you get your laptop open, your fingers typing, going for Uncommongoods to see what they have to offer with their gifts.

I love this bottle opening glass as it is exactly the kind of thing I would get for my Dad. Who doesn’t love a beer? Right? I know, I know… a lot of folk… but this is just smart!

Disclaimer: I love online shopping, as everyone knows, and I could spend hours scrolling through this site and I mean that literally. All opinions are my own and I wouldn’t work with a brand I didn’t believe in.

Here are some other things I found that I really loved for gifts:

Thank you so much to Uncommongoods for contacting me and letting me have the chance to pick out some of my fave things. I have really enjoyed writing this blog post and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know this brand and the wide variety of things they offer. I look forward to seeing you all in my next blog post which will be my Autumn Favourites. (Can’t believe how fast we are flying through this year, I kinda love it tho.)

Thank you and I shall see you soon.


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