GOOD VIBES  is all we need sometimes. I have my eye on a lot of things from Zara as they have the best stock right now! Especially for cute jumpers and sweaters! I picked up this one when I went shopping with my sister in Edinburgh. You can see the vlog of my day with her on my  *YouTube Channel.

Disclaimer: anything with an * before it has the link to the talked about object or social media. 

This oversized hoodie from Zara is so soft and comfortable. It doesn’t feel like a normal hoodie. It is almost like you could go to sleep with it on, it is that comfy! It has the words “Good Vibes” embroidered on and I love that technique. It gives such a nice quality finish to the hoodie. (Yes, it has a hood!!) I am going to be wearing this brilliant hoodie for all of Autumn Winter!

I paired this hoodie with black trousers that I rolled up a little to show my shocking ankles. (I know, calm down Emma, the boys are gonna be wanted you showing that skin, haha… obviously I am joking.) The trousers are from Primark and I have found them to be the best trousers.

My silver shoes are from *ASOS. I love them.  I wear them with all my outfits and I have no regrets about it. They are good quality and I find them very comfortable. They are a bargain as well!

I love this outfit because it is one that makes me feel so confident and comfortable at the same time. Have you seen anything you love from Zara? If so let me know ’cause I love seeing what other people are buying!

Thank you for reading and see  you soon.


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