The Importance of Self Love

So, this is probably going to be my first proper blog post where I am going to sit and tell a couple stories and opinions about myself and I am just going to go with what I feel, and see what I end up posting. There is no planning to this blog post. No timing. No pictures to go along with it (even though I will find one I already have) but just a spur of the moment blog post where I just feel the need to type. The need to reach out to people and see what happens.

The past 4 to 5 months have been real eye openers to me. Although I am aware of a lot of lessons I still need to learn, I feel like I have grown a lot as a person. But that still doesn’t mean I love who I am yet. We all have goals. We all have dreams. We all feel like those dreams are sometimes very much unreachable. I can 100% relate to this. My dreams are a huge passion of mine. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them. It is one of my favourite things about my day. They give me hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for happiness and hope that one day, I will love who I am and the person I am going to become.

Like I said, we all have goals. And sometimes, they stress us out. Even the small ones like getting a post up. For some people this might be really easy but for me, it is something I find hard. I always bring myself down about my blog and compare myself to others. I already know I don’t have to compare myself to others. I know better than that, but like I said once, it is easier said than done. The only person standing in my way, is myself. The power of believing in yourself is so powerful. Sometimes, I feel like I can do anything, but most of the time, I sit and doubt myself because I am too busy comparing my life to someone else’s. I don’t even know who they are but somehow, their view of me matters more than my own opinion of myself.

I see a lot of people like this.

It breaks my heart to see people rip themselves apart because they don’t think they are good enough. It gets in the way of reaching our goals. It gets in the way of believing in ourselves. It gets in the way of self love. If you are guilty for standing in your own way, like me; if you are guilty of comparing yourself to others, like me; then to us, I say, STOP IT.

We are good enough.

We are smart enough.

We are hard workers.

We will not give up.

And we will, not only, bring self love to ourselves, but love and respect to others.

Together, if we do this. We will build an even greater community of building each other up, and relying on ourselves to feel love, rather than the pressures of a number on social media. The blogging community is already so brilliant. But I am here to hopefully reach out to those who believe they can’t be apart of it. Like I said, the only person standing in your way is yourself. If anyone EVER needs someone to talk to, or reach to, please email me or comment or whatever. I believe anyone can be apart of this community and anyone is good enough to make an impact. If this post help’s even one person, I will be glad that I wrote my spur of the moment post.

Here’s to growing as a person, and learning self love. We can do it together.

If you have a blog, twitter or Instagram, please leave it in a comment below so I can follow you and hopefully engage with new people.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon.


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