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Okay, I can’t believe I was nominated for this. I was over the moon when Dominique Ann asked to nominate me. Thank you so much girl! It means the world. I felt quite bad for not really knowing what the Liebster Award was…eep…but I was glad to see so many blog posts (including Dominiques) that made it so easy to undestand. If you would like to check out her Liebster Award post, it is here!

Dominique’s blog is beautiful and I would highly recommend checking her out:
Blog, Twitter, Instagram 

If you are living under a rock like I was and you’re not 100% sure about what the Liebster Award is check out this little post that explains it very well and it can give you little tips too! THE GLOBAL AUSSIE

Right, let me crack on with my questions! (Which really got me thinking Dominique haha)

Tell me a little about yourself! How long you’ve been blogging and what your blog is about! 

Well, this is probably my 5th attempt at blogging, but right now, I am certain I am in it for the long haul haha! My name is Emma Smith and I am from Scotland (aye). I love to blog about lifestyle, fashion and food. I also have a YouTube Channel that I really love doing. I am new at it but I am loving it. (If fact I am editing a video and writing this at the same time haha). Blogging is by far the best hobby and love I have ever had. I love meeting new people and talking to them and I mean that genuinely. If you ever need to vent, talk, laugh- I am your girl.

What made you choose that topic/ those topics to blog about? 

I feel like almost everybody blogs about Lifestyle, but they are by far my favourite blogs to read and write. It may seem like I am nosy, but I love seeing how other people live and hearing their stories. I love blog posts where you can see the passion behind the post. Those are my favourite.
I also love fashion posts. Even though I am not always the most fashionable (as lets be honest, I can’t always afford to be fashionable haha) but I really enjoy making up outfits from online stores. I have done a few post’s like that now and I can’t wait to do another one.

Favorite drink at Starbucks?

Jeez Louise, how am I supposed to decide this? Well, sometimes I can manage a coffee but most of the time, I am a Chai Latte person. I can not wait for the Autumn/Winter menus! It makes me so excited for Christmas! (I know I can’t be the only one.)

If you could give any piece of advice to someone who wants to start a blog, what would it be?

The number one advice I would say is please, please, please don’t compare yourself to other people. Easier said than done, I know. It is so important to just be yourself and not to bring yourself down because of comments that may be made about your blog or feeling pressure to post everyday. Stick to realistic goals and be yourself. You are your own story, so don’t take a page directly from someone else’s book.

What do you love and not love about blogging?

There are so many things I love about blogging, some I have mentioned already. I love meeting new people and hearing their passions. Whether it be traveling, helping mental illnesses, fashion picks or just you’re favourite pair of pj’s. I love seeing positive posts that are personal to the individual writing. It make’s me happy that there is so much variety in this community and I am so proud to be apart of it.
Some things I don’t love as much is finding that I don’t have enough time to blog as much as I would like too as I work a full time job. I also don’t like how some companies and accounts try to scam newer bloggers with money promises etc.

What are 5 things that make you smile?

There are A LOT of things that make me smile. Not joking. Some things are incredibly random, others are things we will mostly have in common.
1. Friends. Spending time with friends that make you proper cackle is the best thing.
2. Silly Dancing & Singing. I think we can all agree that driving in a car blasting old cheesy tunes can bring a smile to anyone’s face. 
3. Crows. Strange I know, but I literally always smile when I see a crow. Just because they hop funny.
4. Shopping. Retail therapy is something that works, honestly! I know you all agree.
5. Is’t it obvious? CHRISTMAS! I love Christmas. Autumn/Winter is my fave time of year I can’t wait to Christmas shop until I drop!

If you could pack your bags & travel to a foreign country for an entire month where would you go & why?

Oh my, where or where would I go? I would love to go to New York and just work out there, take pictures and just live in the city of dreams. I have always wanted to go. There is just something about it that excites me so much. The street lights, the people, the food…even the unknown. I just really want to go.

 What’s something you hope to do with your blog before the year ends?

I really want to grow my confidence and not rely on the love of others to be able to love myself. I also want to have the skill to speak up for myself more and to not be such a push over. Sometimes I trust too easy, it’s one of my best qualities and worst faults.

This one is a little difficult…BUT…your all time favorite Disney movie?

Hahahahaha oh my, you think I can answer this? I can not decide! I love them ALL!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

I want to be happy. I see myself cooking a cosy meal after a day at work (not sure what work that would be) and just feeling content and in love. I really want to work for myself and grow this blog as much as possible. But, most of all, I want to be happy.

Finally, what is your #1 goal you want to accomplish with your blog?

I want to be more proud of my blog and put more of me, work and love into it. It is my pride and joy.

Well, thank you so much for those questions Dominique! It was so much fun to sit down and write this and thank you again for your nomination.

Now then, who are my nominees??? I love all these bloggers and I relate to all of them. Please show them some love as they really deserve it.

Kirsty from The Monday Project

Al Jones from Alex Grace Jones

Margaret Holmes from Cadyquotidienne

Jessica People from The Beginning of a Better World

Lily from I am Lily May

Okay girls, here are your questions – I can’t wait to see your posts with your replies!

Name 3 things you love about yourself (I am all about self love!)

What are your favourite blog posts to write and read?

What or who inspired you to blog?

What are you most grateful for in life?

You’re in jail, you only have one call you are allowed to make. Who would you call?

What is your favourite kind of food?

If you could shop at one shop for the rest of your life, where would you shop?

What is your favourite time of year?

What is your guilty pleasure?

What is your music taste?

What is one piece of advice you would give anyone about anything?

I can not wait to hear back from you all! I am so excited for you! Thank you again to Dominique for my nomination. I have had a blast writing this out.

Thank you for reading, and I will see you very soon.


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