Rainy Days

Whilst Summer may be booming in other places in the world, here in Scotland, we still face the rain. Not that I am surprised, but when you want to have some summery posts and the weather isn’t on the same side as you, it can be a bit gutting.

On rainy days, I sometimes feel lost about what to do with myself. I hate sitting around doing nothing and I ain’t really a TV watching sort of gal. When the rain did come, I found myself hunting for something to do. Even though I may not watch TV a lot, I do have some hobbies to get me through the rainy days that you may have in common with me.


Surprise, surprise. Blogging is one of the things I entertain myself with. It doesn’t matter to me who reads these blogs or how many people read them, the fact is, I love blogging. My favourite part is dealing with photos and meeting people.
When it rains, I find myself looking through blog-posts I love and checking twitter to find some more bloggers I can support by following them and things. I think it’s important in the blogging world that we all support each other. I think that’s what makes us a unique online community.
It was a rainy day when I started my blog, I kept changing the name of my blog and the lay out over and over again. I’m sticking with this name now though. I think it suits me best. If you read blogs, but you don’t have one, I would really consider starting one. Trust me, it gets addictive. If I could do this for a job and forever blog, I would.
When it rains, I find myself reading blogs like this. Telling me how other people spend their days when the weather is #sh*t. It’s kinda cool knowing everyone more or less has lazy days when it rains. Makes you feel better having a lazy day yourself.


Don’t be gullible. I do not read often, unless it’s a blog I am reading. However, there is one book I am reading and that is the ‘Little Book of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking. When I say reading, I mean glancing at all the pictures and occasionally reading the paragraphs that accompany the photos. I I may not be a big book reader but something about this book always brings me peace.
This book tells you all about feeling ‘Hygge’. It is a warm feeling you have when you are content and happy. The book also features great photos, recipes and tips to lead a happy life.


Rainy days offer a chance to keep your pj’s on, grab a cuppa and to feel truly content. This is when the feeling of hygge can kick in. I often find that I feel unmotivated to fully doll myself up on days where the weather is screaming “STAY INSIDE!” Comfy pajama’s and slippers are needed on rainy days.


Recently, I have found myself occupied with a lot of planning. Staying in the house gives me the opportunity to focus all my energy into how I want to achieve my dreams. I often find myself looking at other blogs for inspiration on how to do this. The internet contains a whole world of lessons, tips and tricks on how to become a better version of yourself and how to make your dream a reality.
To be completely honest, I still find it very overwhelming. Searching through the blogger community and seeing how successful people are and the life lessons they have faced is a true motivator for me.
I want to start planning my trip to New York. I want to start projects. I find myself a bit lost on how to go about actually starting and planning these things though. This is when rainy days gives me the excuse I need to feel happy, cosy and content enough to calmly start the planning process. Being in the blogger community helps me with that.

The next time you are offered a rainy day. Don’t focus on the weather, don’t focus on how grey it is. Focus on yourself. Focus on what you can do and take time to pamper and relax. And don’t give up on dreams, work hard and you’ll find yourself their some day… some rainy day.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon.


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