City to Countryside

City to countryside, countryside to city. I had it in my head that moving from Glasgow back to the Borders was going to be very hard. Guess what? It was! Well…some of it. It was hard moving from a flat that I made mine to my parents house. I remember being really nervous and stressed about packing and moving my things. In the process, I realised just how many things I owned, and to move all my belongings to fit just one room instead of a whole flat was hard.
This blog post is going to be me rambling about moving from a city I loved to a town I thought I would never return to.

the city i  loved

Glasgow. The place I really felt was home. I’d never been to Glasgow before I moved there for university. I never thought I would like it, but, when I got there,  I instantly fell in love. Glasgow is a place where “people make Glasgow” and it is soooo true. Everyone was very friendly.
Glasgow also holds many of the reasons why I love cities. Reasons that I will say in this blog post.

the town  i remember

The town I grew up in and I have a weird relationship. Although I may be very biased to the cities as I am definitely a city person, I can say that the town I thought  I would hate moving back to isn’t as bad as I remember it. Why do I hate towns? Well, imagine it’s a Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock and you fancy doing something…then you realise you’re in a small town and there is NOTHING to do. (Apart from going to the Garden Centre but you already did that last Sunday.)


I’m not only talking about Glasgow but I am also going to mentions things I like about cities in general. Apart from Glasgow, I have only lived in one other city and that would be Edinburgh. Yes, the place where the Castle is. Even though I haven’t lived in many cities, I think I can make a general statement about them. P.s I will be biased to them ’cause I love cities so be warned. So here are the things I love about cities:

1. the shops

I know this is an obvious one but the shops in cities really make a difference to my happiness. Imagine, its 3pm on a Sunday and you’ve just got up and ready…Well don’t worry, the shops are still open! I love GLasgow for shopping. It made me really happy. Who doesn’t like retail therapy to lift your mood? I mostly shopped in TKMax, Tiger, Primark, Paperchase and various other places in Glasgow. I loved being 20 minutes away from the shops and shopping centres.

2. the people

One of the things I really like about cities is the ability to be invisible. No-one would bat an eyelid if you walked out the house looking a mess or ordered a Domino’s at 2am. I think Glasgow is special as you can be invisible, but people are sociable as well. So if you are up for a chat, you can have one. If you want to just hide in a corner, you can do that too!
The phrase that ‘People Make Glasgow’ is very very true. I loved Glasgow because of the people and I can not wait to go back for a visit.

3. the music

I love the music throughout the streets. In Glasgow, Edinburgh and most cities, buskers take to the streets to create music and maybe get a little money out of it. Even if the buskers aren’t good, they still provide a little bit of entertainment.
This little snap is from Edinburgh festival a few years back so there was plenty music in the streets then.

4. the food

Food. My number one love. I will always have time for food. Living in a city, you get many options about where to eat. One of my favourite places to eat is Paesano’s and if you want to know more about them, I have a blog post about them. Paesano Blog Post
Not only is there a load of restaurants but cafes as well. You can find many cute cafes in the city.


Ahh, the peaceful countryside. Not going to lie, I was happy to leave these views when I moved to the city. But, ever since moving back, I am respecting these views a lot more. There is something quite tranquil about being in the countryside. Things I love about the countryside:

1. the views

Don’t get me wrong, looking out to a city landscape can be pretty, but there is something so calming about looking out over hills to a green field full of sheep. Walking out in the middle of nowhere can be very peaceful. It makes you realise the simple of beauties of nature. Who doesn’t want to appreciate nature? Time to put on your walking boots and find a countryside walk to do.

2. feeling secure

Safe is what I feel when living with a small community. I feel safe being in a small town where ‘nothing ever happens’. This has to do with the fact that everyone knows everyone in small towns and we all stand by one another. The community is welcoming and secure in a small town.

3. the locals

Lets not forget to mention the local pubs and cafes. Without these places, there would literally be nothing to do. In the local areas is where you see all you’re old mates and catch up with them. It’s where you run into people and end up making another lot of friends. Without the local areas, towns would be stuffed!
Cities and countryside towns have many things that make them both great (even though I can conclude that I am a city girl) but they both have individual qualities that make them unique. So whether you’re living in a field or next to a skyscraper, thank you for watching and I will see you in my next post.

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